London Football – QPR vs Preston North End

Caught up with Paul Simpson and some of his Preston North End mates for a few beers before the game and they ended up having a spare ticket, so at last minute  was off to the football at QPR.



A little bit of excitment on the way into the ground as Tim (one of Pauls mate & Prston North End supporter) had some issues with security search and was not allowed to enter ground and was forceably removed by security. It was no problem for Tim and he just went around the ground and got a ticket to the QPR area and sat with the QPR fans.



Final result

Preston North End – 2

Queens Park Ransers – 1

Paul Simpson a very happy man after this result.

QPR vs PNE 1

First time I have ever seen the sprinklers turned on at half time at football groundQPR vs PNE2


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