Day 3 – Helston to Truro

Important Info

Planned kilometres: 27 (cummulative 72)

Kilometres walked: 29 (cummulative 79)

% Completed: 4.0%

Weather: Sunshine

Pubs visited: The Royal Oak

Pints: 2 (cummulative 5)

Kms per pint: 15.8

Blisters: 0 (cummulative 2)


Helston to Truro

The weather gods have decided that 2 days of rain was enough and turned on the sun today, which made for much nicer day walking.


Early start today and was on the road by 7:30am. Day started as per the last 2 with walking along an A road trying not to get squashed by cars/trucks. Today I noticed the Royal Mail post boxes on the side of the road everywhere, as when as I was walking along the road a tractor pulled up in front of me, farmer got out, said good morning, put his letters in the post box and then he got back in the tractors and off he went.


I decided to get off the major road and get on some minor roads where there was less traffic, however they are a lot narrower when walking. Walked into town of St Stithians around 11am and decided as I as making good time, it would be a good place to stop for an early lunch and beer, however the pubs in town didn’t open until 12, so decided to keep going and this turned out to be a great decision


I ended up in the Perranwell Station and found the The Royal Oak and decided to stop for lunch and a couple of beers to rehydrate. It was a great choice as I was made to feel very welcome by Tim (the publican) and once he found out what I was doing we had a great chat and he loved the name of my blog. By the time I was leaving all the locals drinking in the pub knew what I was doing and I got lots of good luck wishes as I left. Thanks to Tim, Lizzie and the team for making it a great lunch stop and I highly recommend The Royal Oak if you a great village pub with friendly owners, staff and locals.



Then I continued on the last 6km into Truro and passed the following old phone box in town of Calenick which has been converted to hold a public defibrillator and also doubles as shared book library.



Walk into Truro was via circular pathway around the river that I found by accident when I asked a local to make sure I was heading the right way. The road I was taking had me going up and down hills into town and local suggest the longer & flat path along the river which was very appreciated.


I stayed at The Alverton in Truro which I’m sure will be one of the most impressive places I will stay during my trip. The Alverton was previously a stately home built in 1830’s and includes a great hall which was very impressive.



My body is now starting to feel the impact of the last 3 days walking and most of my leg muscles are tight and sore. The spiky massage ball Bianca gave me as a leaving gift has been great and I have been using it every day to try and stretch/relax muscles (Bianca – I may need a new one when I get back as the spikes may have been worn off this one)



  1. Good work mate – looks like a much better day weather wise – disappointed not to see any pics of lunch and see if you had stepped up from Day 2’s gourmet fare!!


  2. Good to hear the sun has appeared, sounds like it is going really well and you are meeting so many friendly/helpful people on the way. Enjoy reading your daily blog and would be much more fun than doing the annual budget.


  3. Any chance you could walk back to Gweek……a great pub and Seacores home base…..they a temporary shed in their yard……built 250yrs ago…..reckon you would be able to get the pint/km ratio up a bit…


    • The only walking backwards I am doing is when I get lost and I have already done enough of that. If you have any other pubs that I should visit on the way up the country let me know.


  4. Hey Yelash! Good to see that you didn’t get a blister on day 3. The blogs great, highlight of my day….hahaha.


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