Day 5 – Fraddon to Bodmin

Important Info

Planned kilometres: 24 (cummulative 122)

Kilometres walked: 24 (cummulative 126)

% Completed (based on 1800km trip): 7.0%

Weather: Sunnny

Pubs visited: The Lanivet Inn

Pints: 2 (cummulative 9)

Kms per pint: 14

Blisters: 0 (cummulative 2)


Fraddon to Bodmin

Another sunny day, which is 3 days in a row and I am making the most if it as weather forecast is for rain for Sunday to Wednesday next week. I saw in the paper today that they had the highest recorded UK April temperature yesterday.


I was walking out of Fraddon this morning and passed 2 guys working on cement mixer outside a house. They stopped working and one asked where I was walking to with a rucksack and I said Bodmin today. He then asked how far I was going and when I said John O’Groats, the other bloke said “well there’s a lot of pubs for you to stop at on the way”. I must look like a man on a long pub crawl.


One my walk I then passed the strangest camping ground I have ever seen. I will let the photos do the talking for this one.



My skills are also improving at interpreting ancient signs and the one below says pub one mile ahead.


It was exactly right as I ended up at The Lanivet Inn for late lunch. I not sure what the rationale is for the panda on the pub sign, but it’s the first pub menu I have seen that had ploughmans lunch on it, so I ordered Cornish ham & cheese ploughmans washed down with Cornish lager. I’m making sure I have the local Cornish delicacies before moving to the next county


I got a bit lost on a public footpath and couldn’t find the exit back to the road. In the end I had to climb a wall covered in thorn bushes (had a good go with my walking sticks at clearing them). Oncee on top of the wall I had to drop my pack the 6 feet to the ground and jump down the wall into more thorns bushes. I ended up with a few scratches on my hands and legs but it got me back on track.


I even managed to get slightly sun burnt from walking today. I have my first rest day in Bodmin tomorrow so will spend the day being a tourist.


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