Day 6 – Rest Day in Bodmin

Important Info

Planned kilometres: 0 (cummulative 122)

Kilometres walked: 0 (cummulative 126)

% Completed (based on 1800km trip): 7.0%

Weather: Sunnny

Pubs visited: The Weavers, The London Inn, The Old Customs House, The Golden Lion

Pints: 6 (cummulative 15)

Kms per pint: 8.4

Blisters: 0 (cummulative 2)


Bodmin, Constantine Bay & Padstow

In the morning I was a tourist and visited Bodmin Jail which is an 18th century prison in the middle of town. It was interesting seeing the crimes that landed people in the prison and some of the punishments they received. One of the punishments while in prison was the Bodmin Tread wheel (human hamster wheel) on which 26 prisoners who were separated from each other by wood partitions so they couldn’t communicate were forced to drive a big wheel by climbing steps all day. The original wheel wasn’t for any purpose other than punishing prisoners.


I then did my laundry, which pretty much consisted of tipping the whole contents on my pack into the washing machine. Laundry was competed just in time to go to The Weavers pub to see Liverpool vs West Bromwich Albion. Game was looking good with Liverpool leading 2 – nil when I left to catch a bus to the coast, only to find out West Brom (Boing Boing) scored 2 goals in last 10 minutes for a 2 all draw.


My trip to Constantine beach was to visit Claire, who is a friend who used to live in Sydney and now lives on the Cornish coast. Claire runs a holiday let business and a beach car park which she operates from a little caravan. While waiting to close the carpark, Claire and I had Pimm’s on her deck (Claire said this was her first Pimm’s of the season).


Constantine beach is a nice sandy surf beach. I dipped my toes in the sea while walking down the beach and water was freezing, so the only way I would be swimming here is in a heated pool.


Claire took me on a walk along the beach and cliffs to the next Bay (Treyarnon Bay) where we visited the local Youth Hostel which also served as local café/bar where we had a beer with a view. After that Claire drove us to Padstow for dinner and to visits a few pubs.



Bar snacks at the Old Customs House


Last beer of the day at The Golden Lion



My first rest day was great as I got to catch up with a friend, plan/review maps for the next few days walking and I was also able to get the km’s per pint measure to a more respectable number




  1. Glad you enjoyed your rest day. I have been giving my wife your posts to read and initially she said why are you giving me these?? I missed giving them to her for a couple of days and she asked me where they were as she was enjoying reading them and seeing your photos!!! Good luck on your next leg. Cheers, DR


  2. Good to see the pint/Km ratio improve…..started to think that this was all ‘fake news’ similar to the moon landing!


    • Don’t give away the secret that I’m just sitting at home in Sydney cutting and pasting photos from the internet into my blog


  3. Was great to talk to you yesterday and good to see your pint per km becoming more respectable! Hope you had a great rest day and look forward to what lies ahead 😊. Stay safe and happy walking 🚶‍♂️


  4. So great! Love reading your updates and especially the Cornish highlights! I spent a few months in Falmouth on the boat so I got to visit some of Cornwall! Isn’t Padstow lovely!?

    Looking forward to the next installment! What beer are you drinking…? Safe walking !


  5. What is the planned pint/klm? 126 kms completed and 7% through, well done mate, MORE walking and drinking.


  6. Yo Yelash,
    Lovin’ the pics but you can put the pickled bar snacks outta my sight….😀

    Stop the pints and hit the pavements already!


  7. Looking in fine fettle, Andrew – looking forward to seeing you trucking it up and doing the hard yards on the next instalment – go, you good thing!!!


  8. Andrew, you’re looking good (and relaxed). Enjoy the pints. I would like to see more in the blog about the quality of the beers and which ones are best…


  9. Mate you will have to add in the walking you did with Claire. Still count to your kms/pint. Sorry but you need ot be accurate…


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