Day 8 – Camelford to Launceston

My Trip – Day by Day Blog

Important Info

Planned kilometres: 27 (cummulative 173)

Kilometres walked: 28 (cummulative 179)

% Completed (based on 1800km trip): 9.9%

Weather: Overcast and sun

Pubs visited: Rising Sun Inn, White Horse Inn

Pints: 0 (cummulative 22) – Yes a beer free day

Kms per pint: 8.1

Blisters: 0 (cummulative 2)


Camelford to Launceston

As I would be leaving Cornwall for Devon in a couple of days, Jenny at the B&B told me that when having jam and cream, the jam goes on first and them cream on top. She said that in Devon they put the cream on first and then jam on top and they do it this way as their cream is rubbish and you need to cover it with jam, but the correct way is jam, then cream. Not sure if this is an essential travel tip for how I am travelling and haven’t have jam and cream yet, so may not be an issue for me.


A bit of a slow start today, due to a few too many beers at The Mason Arms last night. The start of the day was walking though small lanes and farms and trying to get around puddles that took up the whole path.


As I was walking along the road, a horse started following me. When I stopped to take a photo, the horse stopped. The horse followed me until it found some mates further down the road.

Horse following


The walk took me onto Davidstow Airfield (RAF Davidstow Moor) which is an airfield that was built during World War Two and was closed in 1954. The road now runs through the middle of the old runways and I got to walk along the old runway and had a climb through the old airfield tower which is now just a concrete shell.




Couldn’t find this Moor anywhere on my map


Today’s walk was very remote and Rising Sun Inn was the only pub I saw all day and as I was in farming land, I didn’t even pass a shop or service station all day. The pub was open, but didn’t do food on Monday, so it was very fortunate that I got a packed lunch from the pub the night before. As there was no one in the pub, I ordered a pint of lemonade and the bar lady was nice and let me eat my lunch in the pub.



Random photo of a house covered in strange metal cladding and has slight rust issue.


I was fairly worn out when I got to Launceston and was worried as I arrived in the bottom of the valley with the town rising up steep hill each side and hadn’t checked where my accommodation was located. I googled and found my accommodation was only a couple of hundred metres away and after crossing a small stream via pedestrian bridge I was relieved to see the White Horse inn was in the valley.




  1. I love the selfie with horse. Honestly, if I didn’t know better I would think you were in the Uraweras. The slightly concerned look on your face makes me think you were happy when it found it’s mates and stopped stalking you!


  2. Keep the food up mate – 30+ km with that volume of food intake will make it very tough. No wonder you were tired.


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