Day 11 – Crediton to Tiverton

Important Info

Planned kilometres: 27 (cummulative 269)

Kilometres walked: 28 (cummulative 278)

% Completed (based on 1800km trip): 15.4%

Weather: Mainly Sunny

Pubs visited: Thorveton Inn

Pints: 2 (cummulative 28)

Kms per pint: 9.9

Blisters: 0 (cummulative 2)


Crediton to Tiverton

This morning I wanted to get away at a reasonable time so had breakfast at 7:30am which is the earliest the pub would do and this had me on the road by 8:30am. After walking 2km back into town to start the journey from were I had mapped my route, the first part of the journey was through back roads and parkland. Lots of fields with rapeseed whose yellow colour provides a great contrast to the surrounding green fields.


While walking rain start falling intermittingly and during one small shower I took refuge in Shobrooke village bus shelter. The bus shelter had been fitted out with chairs, bench seat with cushions, wall clock, magazines and notice board that even had a bus shelter poem of the month. The bus shelter also had a broom and a sign advising people to keep the shelter clean by sweeping it while waiting for the bus. As I wasn’t waiting for a bus, I didn’t do any sweeping, but read a magazine instead.


Selfie of me all dressed up to walk, so you can see that it’s still me doing the walk. I was trying to be clever using the mirror and didn’t work out very well, but it’s the only selfie I have from today.


I stopped at Thorverton Arms for lunch and noticed that they had little jars next to the beer pumps. I asked what they were for and they are so drinkers can see the colour of each ale.



I was talking to a local Royal Mail employee to get some information on the ‘Exe Valley Way’ which was the trail I was following for the rest of the day and to make sure I knew the correct street to take out of town. This discussion was as I was finishing my lunch and second pint and he advised that the first part of the trail is walking up a massive hill, but that I would get great views from the top. Properly fortified by lunch and 2 pints of lager, I set off for the hill. Photo below shows the start of the hill and I was aiming for the tree on the top right above the plowed field.


It was a long climb and it was lucky that Richard W had me walking some serious hills during training walks in Sydney National Parks and I managed to make it to the top without stopping, however had to have a break once I got to the top. The views from the top were great and let me see for miles across the district. The great thing about walking up the hill was that for the next mile it was a gradual decline to the river.


Hill photo

My route took me past ‘Bickleigh Castle’ which is a medieval fortified manor house.



Next, I crossed the Bickleigh bridge (built 1809) which tourist brochure advised is rumoured to be the spot where Simon and Garfunkel were inspired to write the song ‘Bridge over troubled water’. It was fun trying to cross the bridge as its only one lane wide with no footpath, so I had to wait for a break in traffic and make a dash across the bridge.



I’m currently sitting in a B&B in Crediton trying to decide a plan for tomorrow as my luck with weather is about to end. Forecast is for heavy rain over the next two days and drop in temperature to single digits. Time for me to get the wet weather gear and fleeces out.



  1. Looks like you continue to make great progress (on the pints as well as the km’s!!). Looks like the weather is turning so you may need to shelter in a few more pubs!! Great photos. Almost feels like I am there without the aches and pains!! Cheers, DR


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