Day 13 – Rest Day in Taunton

Important Info

Planned kilometres: 0 (cummulative 304)

Kilometres walked: 0 (cummulative 323)

% Completed (based on 1800km trip): 17.9%

Weather: Overcast

Pubs visited: All Stars Sports bar

Pints: 4 (cummulative 32)

Kms per pint: 10.0

Blisters: 0 (cummulative 2)



Okay, in yesterdays blog I said I wasn’t going to do a post for my rest day but thought I had better update the beer statistics and put a couple of photos of Taunton.

My first task of the day was laundry, so I found a laundromat about a km away from the B&B and went there to do my washing. While there I started googling outdoor stores to get a new rain jacket only to find Tauton Leisure outdoor store was 30 metres down the road from the laundromat. Store was great and I purchased anew rain jacket and gloves while washing was getting done.

I was in a bit of a rush as I needed to get laundry/shopping done, drop it off to B&B and then find a pub to watch Liverpool vs Stoke City at 12:30. I found a sports pub by 12:35 and spent a couple hours resting watching football.

The remainder of the day was resting and planning route for next few days. Below are some random images from Taunon

Castle Hotel

Castle hotel

St Marys Church – A very old church with a very modern front door


Chruch doors

Building from 1578 housing a coffee shop

coffee shop

While walking through villages in the last few days I have seen quite a few houses with Meerkat statues in the windows. This collection in a Taunton front window is pretty special and you can only just see the ones at the front and there were many more behind.Meerkat 1

meerkat 2


  1. Mate, I just love a very old church with a modern front door – those canny British with their subtle touch. Hope you’ve head a restful day, loving the updates and looking forward to reading the next instalments. Stay well!



  2. Hi Andrew thanks for the rest day update, daily ritual reading you blog, they are very good maybe you should become a full time traveller and blog on you trip as so interesting to read. Shared you blog with my parents and they had visited some of the places you had been, your following is growing, have a good day tomorrow and hopefully the rain jacket and golves can say in the pack. Cheers Craig


  3. Hi Andy. I’m one of Paul ‘s mates from the ‘Preston Crew’. Just picked up on your progress and you seem to be eating up the miles well. Keep it up!

    Just have to take issue with your description of the Liverpool v Stoke game as ‘football’. It was anything but! 😂.

    All the best

    Alan (Craggy)


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