Day 16 – Wells to Bristol

Important Info

Planned kilometres: 36 (cummulative 387)

Kilometres walked: 33 (cummulative 413)

% Completed (based on 1800km trip): 22.9%

Weather: Sun with a couple of minor showers

Pubs visited: The Stoke Inn, Chicken & Hen

Pints: 3 (cummulative 40)

Kms per pint: 10.3

Blisters: 0 (cummulative 2)

Wells to Bristol

Last night when planning todays route, the lack of options beside walking the roads became very apparent, so I wasn’t looking forward todays walk. I also knew from reviewing the Ordinance Survey Map that the start of the journey would be walking up the Mendip Hills. I have also combined two days from my planned schedule into one to get me another day ahead of schedule.


The day started late as I slept in until 7am (9 hours sleep) as the hotel beds were the most comfortable I have stayed in so far. Went down for breakfast and was disappointed by the cooked breakfast as most of it was just microwaved, so didn’t eat much of it and filled up on cereal instead and got ready to meet the day.


The day couldn’t have started any better as I walked out of the hotel to be greeted by the sunshine. I also saw the following greeting card in a shop window which put a smile on my face.

 photo 500 miles

 I walked up the road to find my next bit of good luck with the Old Bristol Road closed to traffic which was a bonus for me as it meant the first 5kms walking meant not having to worry about cars. With the sun shining and no cars, the walk up the Mendip Hills passed quite quickly.


 The next 5kms of the Old Bristol Road had minimal traffic and while walking through farms I noticed that almost all the farms in the area had stone fences


Photos from top of one of the hills where I was probbaly having a break trying to get my breathe back.DSC02534


After walking down, a long decline, I stopped at the village of Chew Stoke and had lunch at the Stoke Inn. Chew Stoke obviously has an issue with flooding if this sign is anything to go on.


The remainder of the day was walking along the road and then going up and down a large hill outside Bristol. Bristol is the first city I have been in for a couple of weeks and took 6km walking to get from edge of Bristol to my hotel near the city.


The body is holding up remarkably well (touch wood) after the first couple of weeks. No blisters since the first 2 days and the only issue is sore lower leg muscles which the spiky massage ball is doing its work on each night. I drank all the magical healing water from Glastonbury yesterday so now future healing will be left to standard medical treatments: spiky massage ball, anti-inflammatory tablet/creams & magical Jim beam, magical beer.




  1. Enjoy Bristol – vaguely remember a great night there after the France -v- Ireland game in Cardiff at the last rugby world cup. Cardiff was so packed, could only get accommodation in Bristol and had to rely on Brit Rail, the speed of which makes me think you are better off walking than relying on rail. Apparently there’s a famous bridge designed by Brunel – one of the seven wonders of the industrial world. Look after yourself, am hugely enjoying the descriptions and photos of the British countryside! Tony


    • The Clifton Suspension bridge was designed Brunel. I walked under the bridge but didn;t have the energy to walk up the hill to see it from the top


  2. Great views and love the stone walls! Glad to hear you’re doing so well- maybe the beer really is helping 😉


  3. Laughing! I am not sure that everyone reading your blog will agree that Jim Beam has magical healing properties but OK, it’s your pub crawl! Love telling my friends and work mates what you are up to. I must get similar reactions to what you experienced when you told everyone of your plan. Have a great day tomorrow.


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