Day 27 – Stoke on Trent to Chester (Rest Day)

Important Info

Planned kilometres: 0 (cummulative 634)

Kilometres walked: 5 (cummulative 680)

% Completed (based on 1800km trip): 37.8%

Weather: Fog, sunshine

Pubs visited: The Lock Keeper, The Oddfellow Arms, City Tavern,  The Victoria Pub, The Watergates, The Shropshire Arms, The Pied Bull, The Marlbourough, Hickroys Smokehouse, The Brewhouse

Pints: 7 (cummulative 76)

Kms per pint: 8.9

Blisters: 0 (cummulative 3)


Stoke on Trent to Chester

Early start today as I had to walk 5kms from hotel to Stoke on Trent train to get the train to Chester to meet Todd and Stacey for rest weekend. I left early so I could use a laundromat and get all my clothes cleaned and dried before they arrived from London.


It wasn’t cold when I left the hotel but there was a good fog hanging around (reminded me of growing up in Hamilton, New Zealand).



On the platform on Stoke on Trent waiting for a train were Tommy Sherratt (The Stag) and his mates who were heading to Liverpool. They offered me a beer, but as it was before 8am, I declined.


Todd and Stacey arrived and as the sun was shining we checked into the hotel and made our way to the first canal side pub for a beer (one of many).





We proceeded to pub crawl around Chester town and at the same time take in the amazing buildings.









Not much else to write about as the majority of the day was spent wandering town and frequenting some of Chester’s drinking establishments.


In the end it was a big day with ten pubs/bars visited however only 7 pints of beer as Bourbon’s didn’t come in pints so I have excluded them from the kms per pint calculation. I was feeling a bit precious the next morning.



  1. Looking good!! I thought the pints count was looking low…….now I understand that bourbons are not being counted!!!


  2. Andrew, I wont recognise you on your return…. I see the weight falling of you now. Might score an English Lass or two A


  3. Well done Andrew! I might suggest that not counting the bourbons creates a perverse incentive to either drink more bourbon, or drink more pints, depending on what you’re going for. Maybe introduce a “Pint Equivalent Measure” (“PEM”)?


  4. Aha, when I started reading I wondered why there were more pints logged than pubs?!? It’s all become clear. Feeling precious the next day – clearly need more medicinal bourbon!


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