Day 37 – Kelbrook to Malham

Important Info

Planned kilometres: 23 (cummulative 813)

Kilometres walked: 25 (cummulative 869)

% Completed (based on 1800km trip): 48.3%

Weather: Sunny

Pubs visited: The Buck Inn, The Lister Arms

Pints: 5 (cummulative 109)

Kms per pint: 8.0

Blisters: 1 (cummulative 4)


Kelbrook to Malham

I forgot to mention yesterday that I was given another challenge when I was in the Red Lion in Colne. The locals decided that after this walk I should try to visit all the Red Lion pubs in the UK. At last count they said there were 370 Red Lion pubs, so I think I will need a much longer break to consider a challenge like this.


Today, I was following the Pennines Way, but it was easy as it was mainly just about having to follow the markers through fields.


Part of the way was along the Liverpool and Leeds Canal where I came across the following double arch bridge. I am not sure why there were two arches but assume there must be at least one engineer reading my blog that can tell me why.



As I was walking along the canal, a man on a boat on the other side of the canal called out asking where I was walking to. When I told him, he asked if there was anything I needed, as he wanted to help if he could. We had a quick chat and I then found out the he had previously lived in Vaucluse and Glebe.


Now that I am not walking along canals all day, there is a distinct lack of pubs, so I must put up with places like picture below for lunch stop.




After walking along canals and through multiple farms, I arrived in the town of Malham where I was staying at The Lister Arms. Malham is very small and I found out later that the town has 110 permanent residents and two pubs (don’t panic I visited both).


The first thing I did when I got town was go to the visitors centre to gets some Pennine Way maps so that I didn’t have to rely on Google maps as my sole source of guidance.


I arrived in town about 3pm so decided to visit Malham Cove only to discover later that the Pennine Way route I must walk tomorrow goes past the cove anyway. I am just thankful that I didn’t climb to the top. Not sure this is the welcome that I expected when I got to Malham Cove.




The river and area around the cove was very pretty so I took quite a few photos.




The fields are all full of stone fences that look amazing.



I had dinner at the Lister Arms and the pub had lots of dogs in the restaurant. Linda and Neil sat next to me with their dog Tauber (named after river in Germany) who sat between our tables. He was very well behaved as there were other dogs barking and he just laid on the floor and relaxed. I don’t think he was impressed by the flash in the last photo.






  1. The first arch was too tall and thus unstable…. or they were walking the length of the UK while drinking and thought it would be funny….


  2. Sounds like u have been given an idea for Yr next holiday should be able to manage 370 pubs beautiful scenery


  3. A women has already visited every Red Lion pub in Great Britain – so that wouldn’t be a first. And several people have visited every Wetherspoons, and there’s about 900 of those !


  4. Great pics, and obviously stunning weather that day.
    But in the sixth pic, was that the rush-hour traffic jam heading into Malham ???


  5. My accountant side thinks, “they would have saved money not having all those bricks in the middle”. Your accountant side must have switched off.


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