Day 44 – Garrigill to Alston

Important Info

Planned kilometres: 6 (cummulative 960)

Kilometres walked: 7 (cummulative 1008) – cummulative fixed for error in earlier days

% Completed (based on 1800km trip): 56.0%

Weather: Grey with drizzle/low cloud

Pubs visited: The Cumberland Hotel

Pints: 3 (cummulative 135)

Kms per pint: 7.5

Blisters: 0 (cummulative 4)


Garrigill to Alston

Today is essentially a rest day as I only need to walk a few kms to the next town. My body is telling me I need a rest as I have some aches in my lower left leg and left knee.


As it was a short day, I had a late breakfast at the Eastview B&B after staying in one of the best beds on the trip so far. The only issue was that the house has very low door ways and they have put padding on the hallway door, however while half asleep this morning I managed to smack my head on the door into the bathroom and that certainly woke me up. Lana at the B&B also did my washing last night, so I am bery ahppy to have a pack of clean clothes again.


On the trip to Alston, the weather wasn’t looking great and there was very low cloud/mist around the hills.



I arrived in Alston which has the title ‘the highest market town in England’ at approximately 1,000 feet above sea level, by 11am.



After walking up and down the main street a couple of times, I decided to visit The Hub which is the local heritage museum. The museum contains local history and transport. The museum is in a small shed next to the railway station and was a great way to spend 45 minutes.



After the museum, I caught the South Tynedale Railway which is a narrow-gauge heritage railway that runs tourist trains from Alston to Lintley. I was disappointed to find that the locomotive for the day was diesel and not steam and the staff said this was due to not having enough volunteer staff on the day to manage the steam locomotive. The train had 3 carriages and I was surprised that there were approx. 50 people on the train. The train route was the same pathway I was going to walk tomorrow, but it was a nice way to relax for a couple of hours.




After my big train ride, I went back to the Manor House to change and headed out to The Cumberland Hotel for a couple of beers. Lana who ran the B&B I stayed in last night also worked at the bar at the pub. George joined me at the pub and he had walked a long way up and down from Dufton in the mist and spent the day walking and seeing nothing due the low cloud/mist. It made me very glad that I didn’t follow the Pennine Way and took a short cut up the road yesterday.


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