Day 52 – Innerleithen to Peebles

Important Info

Planned kilometres: 16 (cummulative 1145)

Kilometres walked: 12 (cummulative 1199)

% Completed (based on 1800km trip): 66.5%

Weather: Sunshine

Pubs visited: The Bridge Inn, The Country inn

Pints: 3 (cummulative 154)

Kms per pint: 7.8

Blisters: 0 (cummulative 4)


Innerleithen to Peebles

My walk today is only short at 12 kms so I am classing it as a rest day.


When I was walking through the town yesterday, I saw a barber and decided it was time for a haircut. When I looked through the window, I was amazed with what I saw on the wall so knew I had to go back today to get a new style.


Remembering yesterday’s words of wisdom in the pub (“don’t let anyone pissed cut your hair”), after I checked the barber at ‘Dirt Track Barbers’ was sober, the haircut commenced. I opted for a more aerodynamic haircut and one that would help hide the grey hairs (I have not worried about the grey hairs in the beard). I think I achieved my aims of aerodynamics and grey hairs being less visible. Take note of the signed Waratahs rugby jersey in the photo of me and the barber. Who would have thought I would see a signed Super Rugby jersey in a small Scottish village?DSC00370


The barber only charged me five pounds for the haircut, even though the price on the wall said seven pounds. I asked him why it was only five pounds and he said, “its only five as I didn’t need to take any off the top”.


Todays walk to Peebles was along an old dismantled railway path (Tweed Valley Railway) and the pathway took me through the middle of a golf course.


On the way into Peebles I came across ‘The White Stone’ which sits in a small alcove in the side of the A72. The stone is white quartz and is the ancient boundary stone of the burgh of Peebles over 500 years ago.


On my walk today, my left knee was giving me some issues when bending it, so I decided to visit a physio when I got to town. The physio advised that I have torn my LCL, so he taped up my knee and gave me some sachets of ‘Fisiocrem’ to use. I had to laugh when he gave me the sachets as Bianca H gave me a tube of the same stuff before I left and said it was the best thing for muscle issues. I also brought a knee brace to ensure I have enough support on the knee.


I am staying at the Tontine Hotel in Peebles and hotel was built in 1808. I didn’t have much luck with my room as it’s on the third floor and the hotel only has stairs, so I have given the knee a work out by going up and down the stairs.


In Peebles I had a couple of beers at the Bridge Inn, as I thought a pub next to a church must be the best place to have a drink.




  1. Love the haircut u had one like that in Yr 20s hope next few days u are on the flat giving Yr knee a rest from slippery hills


    • Yep, but no grey hairs in my 20’s. Mainly road and track walking for the next week, so should hopeflly be okay.


  2. Not sure you followed your drinking buddies advice! But, surprisingly the haircut suits you. Love the boundary stone and despite your knee being injured you are looking very well- hope it holds up for the rest of your journey. As always, enjoying your blog. Travel safe.


  3. Yes, haircut back to the travelling days, since you are travelling again! Looks good.

    And you see rugby fans in the strangest of places.


  4. Righto, just done a 12 day catchup – I love that you said something like ‘getting old and creaky’ then get a Mohawk. Love the photos, you look happy and relaxed. Wishing you good weather for tomorrow, K


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