Day 58 – Glasgow to Milngavie

Important Info

Planned kilometres: 0 (cummulative 1249)

Kilometres walked: 14 (cummulative 1321)

% Completed: 72.9%

Weather: Cloudy, occasional sunshine

Pubs visited: N/A

Pints: 0 (cummulative 157)

Kms per pint: 8.4

Blisters: 0 (cummulative 4)


Milngavie to Glasgow

I decided this morning to do part of tomorrows walk today and then have a shorter walking day tomorrow.


Milngavie is the start of the West Highland way, so I caught the train to Milngavie and then walked back to Glasgow. The walk initially followed tracks alongside some minor rivers and then changed to walking through Glasgow suburbs. Nothing of real interest to see on the way, but I am happy to have shortened tomorrows walk.


Glasgow has a lot of street murals and so this afternoon I decided to do the 10km Glasgow Murals Trail.  The murals artists are very talented and some of the murals are amazing. Below is a selection of the best murals that I saw during my walk.


Hip Hop Marionettes


Equatorial Telescope


Man with Birds


Fellow Glasgow Residents – depicts varied wildlife of Glasgow Parks. These 4 pictures are all part of one mural along a building wall, but it was impossible to get the whole mural in one photo.






Billy Connolly (Glasgow’s favourite son) – Three different murals of Billy. The last mural is on the wall of the Hootenanny pub hence the name ‘billy’s beer garden’

DSC00471 DSC00472


The World’s Most Economical Taxi. The brick effect on this wall is actually painted on as part of mural.


Honey I Shrunk the Kids


Wind Power


Hand Shadow Puppets







    • It wasnt much of a rest day yesterday after doing 14km walk back to Glasgow and then 10kms mural walk, but it certainly made today’s walk a lot easier


  1. Those murals are amazing! Thanks for posting the photos. I’ve been reading your posts most mornings on my commute to work. What an amazing trip! Good luck for the rest of the way and thanks for keeping us all entertained. Catch you back at work soon….!!!


  2. I see you’re just about to hit your 100th pub on the journey – hope you’ve got a suitable celebration planned, that’s some achievement! Stay loose!!!


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