Day 65 – Kinlochleven to Fort William

Important Info

Planned kilometres: 26 (cummulative 1420)

Kilometres walked: 25 (cummulative 1491)

% Completed: 81.9%

Weather: Rain and sunshine

Pubs visited: Ben Nevis Bar, The Tavern

Pints: 2 (cummulative 173)

Kms per pint: 8.6

Blisters: 0 (cummulative 4)


Kinlochleven to Fort William

Another day and another hill climb to start the day and as I started todays climb the rain started. It’s a bit of a trade-off when walking (especially up a hill) and its starts raining as you need to decide if it is better to get wet from the rain or wear full wet weather gear and get soaked from sweating due to the extra layer.

At the top of the hill I got a good view back over Kinlochleven.


Once at the top of the climb, the track becomes part of the old Military road and heads up the Glen of Allt Nathrach. The scenery is amazing as you walk along surrounded by towering hills and can see the path continuing a long way down the valley.



Along the pathway I passed the ruin of Lairig Mor (or ‘big pass’) and I decided to have an explore of the ruins.


There was a warning sign “Dangerous Building! Please Keep Out” that you couldn’t see until you were actually inside the building.




These are views back down the valley and it gives you an idea of the length of the valley walk.



There was a sign along the path that talked about ‘The Battle of Inverlochy – The pursuit of the Campbells’. The story goes that after the battle near Fort William, the Macdonald’s pursued the fleeing Campbells and to mark the spot where they broke off from their chase, they raised a large stone which has since been replaced by a cairn. Tradition is that MacDonald’s should add a stone as they pass, and Campbells take one away. Looking at the pile of stones, there are either a lot more MacDonald supporters that Campbells or walkers just love adding stones to existing piles.


Along the walk, Ben Nevis (highest mountain in British Isles) came into view. The view I had today was only part of the mountain, so I am hoping tomorrow the clouds clear, so I can see what the rest looks like.


On the walk today, I met up with Michael and Jacqueline from Inverallochy and we didn’t notice both Michael and I had Bubba Gump caps on until we had walked together for a couple of hours.


After completing the West Highland Way today, I am looking forward to my rest day in Fort William tomorrow.



    • Only 13 days to go. Rest day today and then off to walk Great Glen Way with my UK mate. Hopefully the current weather continues as it is keeping midges away.


  1. Hey Andrew, I have just about finished my training and off to Kokoda Saturday week. Very motivated by reading your blog – although I think I may have a bit more vertical (but won’t be carrying my pack like you are).

    I just noticed you have the same poles as me – how are they going and why don’t you have the rubber stoppers on them?


    • Tom,
      Your walk will definitely be more vertical than mine. I have a baggage service this week and not having to carry my pack is great.

      The Leki poles are really good. A couple of clip screws needed tightening at the start and used a one pence coin to do this(Australian 5 cent coin should work well).

      I didn’t get any rubber stoppers when I brought the poles, but when I had them on my other poles, they tended to wear out due to road walking, so I gave up using them. Not having rubber stoppers has only been an issue when walking over rocks, but this has been minimal for me.


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