Day 69 – Invermoriston to Drumnadrochit

Important Info

Planned kilometres: 24 (cummulative 1512)

Kilometres walked: 23 (cummulative 1579)

% Completed: 87.1%

Weather: Overcast

Pubs visited: Benleva Hotel, Loch Ness Inn

Pints: 1 (cummulative 186)

Kms per pint: 8.5

Blisters: 0 (cummulative 4)


Invermoriston to Drumnadrochit

After an initial climb out of Invermoriston on a zig-zag pathway, we had the choice of taking the low route or high route. The high route was shorter in distance but involved a lot of hill climbs but offered the best views, so this is the route we took. First part of the track had fallen down tree that required crawling under.


At the top of the first main climb, we came across the wood and stone sculpture ‘Viewcatcher’. After the obligatory photo of standing inside the sculpture and spoiling the view, we continued the track up and down hills through the forest.





We came across a rustic bridge which is named the ‘Troll Bridge’. There were the poems from school children and the first mentioned a six-foot three troll living under the bridge and so we got a photo with a six-foot three equivalent under the bridge.




After continuing to climb we reached the highest point which gave superb views of Loch Ness.



On walks through the forest there are a lot of trees that fall over and tend to take other trees with them. As we exited the track and joined the road we found this was also a problem outside the forest as this farm shed had three trees fallen on it. The remaining upright part of shed was still being used by the farmer.



In Drumnadrochit we visited the ‘Loch Ness Centre’ which was shit and Steve said it was the most he felt ripped off ever. The tour was through five rooms with very short videos pretty much telling you Nessie didn’t exist.



We stopped at Nessieland on the way back, so we could take tourist photos with Nessie model.




As there were only two pubs in town and we were staying at one, we decided to visit the Loch Ness Inn on the way back to the Benleva Hotel.


We watched the world cup Sweden vs Germany in the Benleva Hotel bar and the food and drinks were like Fawlty Towers. My Mac & Cheese was awful, and the barman said they would replace it with beef curry and then twenty minutes later and said sorry we don’t have beef curry.


The barman was hopeless and every time we ordered a round including bourbon and coke in a tall glass we got a different order e.g. in a small glass, pint of Caledonian best (as previous bourbon had been in a pint glass), with pre-mix Pepsi, with can of Coke, etc. Unfortunately, Sweden lost and so did Steve at pool until I gave him a charity win in the sixth game (sinking black early on) to even the score three-three.



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