Day 78 – Wick to John O’Groats

Important Info

Planned kilometres: 27 (cummulative 1748)

Kilometres walked: 29 (cummulative 1819)

% Completed: 100.0%

Weather: Sunny

Pubs visited: Seaview Hotel

Pints: 2 (cummulative 214)

Kms per pint: 8.5

Blisters: 0 (cummulative 4)

Wick to John O’Groats

I made it!!!!!!



I was up very early this morning as I forgot to close 2 of the blinds in my hotel room and as Sunrise was 4:09am (sunset is 10:21pm), I woke up just after this with sun streaming through the window. The body seemed to be up for today’s walk as yesterday’s sore muscles weren’t evident or I was still half asleep. I was fairly wired as it was my last day walking so after completing my blog for day 77 it was around 6am. As breakfast at the B&B wasn’t until 8am so I decided to forgo breakfast and get on the road very early.


Scotland had turned on another brilliant day – sunny with a few clouds and some breeze.


Today’s walk was completely along the A99 and so the landscape was the main sight for today.




At the end of the walk I could see John O’Groats (JOG) and walked town welcome sign, but it was a couple of miles until the JOG sign. Those last few miles seemed to take forever or it may have just been going slower.


When I arrived at the John O’Groats sign I had mixed emotions. I was very happy to have completed the challenge I had set myself, but a bit disappointed that my big adventure was now over.


I had to wait in line with a lot of other tourists for my photo in front of the sign and after taking some photos of other tourists it was my turn.






After getting my photo taken I was at a bit of a lost end, so decided to go to the cafe for a drink and lunch. In the cafe I meet a cyclist who had just completed his Land’s End to John O’Groats (LEJOG) ride and he joined me at my table for a chat. This sort of closed out the trip with a bit of symmetry as when I started at Land’s End I joined a cyclist at his table who had just completed his John O’Groats to Land End (JOGLE) ride.


I went and checked into my hotel when was back up the street, so I could get rid of my backpack. I then had an explore of the port and shops. Even New Zealand got a mention.





The smallest brewery in the world?


I then went to the hotel bar for a couple of beers.


Tomorrow is another early start as I have a 6:45am bus to Thurso, 4-hour train to Inverness (7-hour stopover to go shopping/watch England in world cup) before catching 11-hour sleeper train to London. I will have plenty of time to think on the train so will blog my final thoughts on my trip in the next couple of days when I have time to think about the whole experience.


  1. Mate, an amazing event….job done…great blog and very jealous….need you back to sort out a problem….ready?

    I am having a glass of vino….and the odd beer on your behalf….




  2. Congratulations on epic walk and thoroughly enjoyed following you, will be strange now waking up knowing you don’t have to put your pack on and walk 30km’s.


  3. Well done Andrew, what an achievement, we were delighted to have met you and walked the last couple of hours of our west highland way adventure with you, have a safe journey home when you leave the uk.
    Best regards
    From your fellow bubba gump fans.

    Sent from my iPhone

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  4. Andrew, sincere congratulations. An absolutely amazing achievement in the walk itself, to have also completed such a great daily blog throughout has kept us all captivated and entertained. The whole thing is a huge credit to you. I’d love to say put your feet up but I am sure there are a number of celebratory pints to be had which don’t count towards the km per pint tally now!! Really well done. Enjoy the feeling, and look forward to catching up when you get back.

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  5. Congratulations Andy well done you did it ,,,,, you made it I had the Honour of meeting this Gentleman on the west Highland way ,, and had beer with him in Fort William after the walk


  6. Since the time we met you when we were fundraising for Canal and River Trust along the Gloucester Sharpness Canal, we’ve watched you all the way. Well done mate – you deserve all the pints you can get!!
    Love Gill and Kerry

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  7. Brilliant effort Andrew both the walking and the story telling. Your office quiet for last few months will I have no doubt come alive with stream of well wishers on your return

    Congrats again, enjoy feet up for a bit now

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  8. Mate, stellar effort, hope you’re still rehydrating . Like everyone, have enjoyed seeing your missives pop up in my in box – in time, will be a great body of work to look back on. Just heading into London from airport, see you in a few days.


  9. Well done Forrest!!!
    Great achievement, and great blogs (you should consider a career change – travel journalist??).
    Surprised by only 2 pints to celebrate on the day???
    Safe travels home.


  10. Woohoo 🎉What and epic adventure Andrew. Well done and thank you for sharing your journey- we have loved reading your blog and feel a bit sad it’s over as well as we felt like we were with you over what seems in reflection a short time – even though your legs probably tell you otherwise! Enjoy the rest of your holiday and look forward to seeing you in person to hear all about it. What’s next- Camino? Safe travels and well done…


  11. Well done Yelash! I will miss your daily blogs – maybe you should blog your job when you get back – now that would be entertaining…hahahaha. Great achievement. Cheers.


  12. Well Done Andrew!! A Fantastic Achievement, what will you do next.

    Not only a fantastic physical achievement but also some great photos shared along the way.

    Look forward to a couple of beers when you return!!

    Dave C


  13. Amazing journey Andrew – our whole family have enjoyed the daily updates and the tracking of your travels, very inspirational in so many ways – congratulations on achieving your goal and reaching the end of such a long trek – Brett / Louise / Maddie / Zara / Abbey


  14. Very well done Andrew. I haven’t followed your Scotland progress quite so closely due to holidays etc so the fact the your journey is over came as a surprise. Fantastic achievement!


  15. Congratulations! What an epic achievement. I’ve loved your blog, thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I look forward to reading your final musings over the coming days. Safe travels back to London.


  16. Congratulations Andrew, such an achievement. I’ll miss your blogs, they were very entertaining. Enjoy the rest of your trip, and safe travels home.


  17. Congratulations Andrew on a job well done. Look forward to hearing more in person in the future. We are currently in Tonga and have only been able to get your blogs intermittently hence the delay in saying congratulations!!!!!!

    Sent from my iPhone



  18. Brilliant effort mate. Been a pleasure following your journey and bringing back memories (albeit from a car not walking boots).
    Next challenge – join me to sail a 1,000 miles across an ocean…


  19. Well done Andrew. What an adventure! I look forward to seeing the revitalised you in the not-too-distant future!


    • Thanks Jimmy. I had a great time during my walk and the weather was very kind. It was great to catch up for a beer and if you decide to walk JOGLE next time, drop me an email so I can follow your progress


  20. Congratulations

    On 3 July 2018 at 07:54, wrote:

    > ayelash posted: “Important Info Planned kilometres: 27 (cummulative 1748) > Kilometres walked: 29 (cummulative 1819) % Completed: 100.0% Weather: Sunny > Pubs visited: Seaview Hotel Pints: 2 (cummulative 214) Kms per pint: 8.5 > Blisters: 0 (cummulative 4) Wick to John” >


  21. Andrew, what an amazing achievement, congratulations, look forward to the many, many, many stories to come on your return. If this doesn’t make the JH magazine nothing will. See you back in Sydney, my shout for lunch.


  22. Well done Andrew,what an achievement,we were delighted to have walked with you on west highland way for the last few hours of our last day,you have a fantastic outlook on life All the best from fellow bubba gump fans.

    Sent from my iPhone


    • MIchael, It was great to meet you and Jacqueline and walk part of the west highland way with you. Have fun on your future walks and take it easy on the down hill sections. Cheers, Andrew


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