John O’Groats to London

My trip back to London was a long day of travel. I caught the bus from John O’Groats at 6:30am and surprised the driver as he said he never picks anyone up at John O’Groats. For the first 20 minutes of the ride I was Nigel No Mates as the only passenger on the bus. It also had nothing to do with me being the smelly person. I did get to have a great chat to the bus driver however.


Then it was 4.5-hour train from Thurso to Inverness and then I had 7 hours transit in Inverness. I didn’t plan the train trip very well as England were playing Colombia in the world cup that night and I only got to watch the first 70 minutes before I had to go and get the train.


I caught the Caledonian Sleeper and had my own little cabin for the 11 hours journey from Inverness to London.


I lay in my cabin and watched the county side flyby especially those parts where the rail line followed along the areas I had walked. The 11-hour trip covered off the distance that had taken me 50+ days to do.


I managed to get some sleep on the train and arrived in London at 7:45am. I was worried about getting on the tube with my backpack at that time of the morning, but the tube wasn’t very crowded. I put this down to the World Cup game the night before going to penalties with England winning, so people had celebrated a lot and were late getting into work.

One comment

  1. Well done on finishing your journey to John O’Groats ,that is some achievement,we found west highland way hard and that was only a small fraction of what you walked Andrew,enjoy London,it was a pleasure walking the last couple of hours of west highland way with you into fort William.
    All the best from your fellow bubba gump fans xx


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