Me, the trip & why?



My name is Andrew and I currently live in Sydney Australia. I’m originally from Hamilton, New Zealand and work as an accountant in the construction industry.

I’m a mad rugby fan (All Blacks and Waikato Chiefs) and football fan (Liverpool). During my LEJOG I have included a side trip to Anfield for the last game of the season – Liverpool vs Brighton.

I have travelled to lots of countries and travel to at least one new country every year. My previous travels have all been via plane, train and bus, so doing a long distance walk like LEJOG is new for me. Over the last two years I have been to Cuba, Japan, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Latvia & Estonia.

I have spent the last 6 months training for LEJOG and have also spent lots of time at Chiro and Physio trying to recover from this training. I have had a great time planning for my trip and revising my route over & over again and now can’t wait to get started. Walking sure beats working, however I’m sure there will be a few days when I’m walking that I will wish I was back in my office.




Planned Distance: 1757 kms (but I think it will be more like 2,000kms)

Planned Days: 78 (including 10 rest days)

Number of pubs: 100

Kilometres per pint: 10 8.2 (see Day 34)

Blisters: None (wishful thinking?)

Days with rain: lots



  • To have a big adventure
  • Get out of my office & away from the computer for 3 months
  • Fresh air and exercise
  • Challenge myself
  • Get fitter/lose weight
  • See parts of England & Scotland that normal tourists don’t go
  • Visit some (or lots) of local pubs

Some of the responses I have received from people who I have told what I’m doing

  • You’re not doing a walk, you’re just doing a long pub crawl, hence the website name (thanks Bianca)
  • You’re nuts, mad or something along those lines
  • Sounds amazing
  • Why?
  • Wish I could do something like that



Thank you to the following people who have supported me during the planning &/or training for my trip

  • Richard W – Organiser of & companion on weekend walks in Sydney national parks in the heat of Sydney summer
  • Rob M – Mid week before work walking companion (even if he walks slower than Georgia)
  • Steve R – Seasoned UK walker who has helped with great advice on route planning  gear, mapping, etc.
  • Georgia C – Made one before work walk which was one more than I thought she would. Is also cover my job while I’m away.
  • Bianca H – Web site namer
  • Todd H & Stacey R – London support crew. Will provide support at the pub, but not with the walking