Day 62 – Inverarnan to Tyndrum

Important Info

Planned kilometres: 21 (cummulative 1346)

Kilometres walked: 26 (cummulative 1419)

% Completed: 78.0%

Weather: Rain and a bit of sun

Pubs visited: Rod & Reel

Pints: 1 (cummulative 167)

Kms per pint: 8.5

Blisters: 0 (cummulative 4)


Inverarnan to Tyndrum

As I was having breakfast in a room surrounded by stuffed deer heads in the wall, I was joined by Elaine and Christine who I meet on the trail yesterday. As Christine & Elaine were also going to Tyndrum also, we decided to walk together for the day. After a quick pose next to the stuffed bear at reception it was time too head out into the rain again.


Today’s walk was mainly through forestry and farmland and the forecast for the day was for rain, so it was going to be a long day walking. The upside of all the rain, was that the waterfalls along the path were in full flow.




As no one had a packed lunched today, we decided to take a 15-minute detour off the path to Crianlarich to go to the café at the train station, only to find when we got there the café was closed. This required us to walk another 15 minutes into town and have lunch at The Rod & reel pub which was the only place open. The unexpected detour turned out to be a blessing as while we were in the pub it hailed and poured down with rain and just after we left the rain eased off and then stopped.


After crossing out of the forest by dropping down under a rail viaduct, the path took us through farmland for the rest of the day.



As we were walking through the farmland, the sun came out and was a nice change to finish off the day’s walk.



After the lady running the B&B found out I was going to John O’Groats, she did all my washing for me, so I had a pack full of clean clothes (all three sets). The B&B was right on the West Highland Way path and in the morning all I must do is come out the front door and turn left.



  1. G’day Andy – great pic of the bear (not sure about his accomplices), couple of details fro Drovers that have gone astray… The eagle with it’s egg on the bar possibly laid in 1938 and of course the appearance of Shrek! We also thought the chic pud should get a mention since it was this that saved us from the downpour! Hoping Glen Way is a goodun and as easy as this one has been – happy days. C&E


    • It was great to walk with you and Elaine and I had a fun day.

      I didn’t get close to the Eagle on the bar to see the year it was from and I forgot all about Elaines mate Shrek at breakfast.

      Hope you are enjoyed the rest of your walk along the West Highland Way.


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