Day 73 – Alness to Dornoch

Important Info

Planned kilometres: 34 (cummulative 1610)

Kilometres walked: 34 (cummulative 1675)

% Completed: 92.4%

Weather: Sunny

Pubs visited: St Duthus Hotel, The Eagle Hotel

Pints: 3 (cummulative 203)

Kms per pint: 8.3

Blisters: 0 (cummulative 4)


Inverness to Alness

The walls at the B&B weren’t very noise proof and I could hear the person in the next room coughing up a storm all night, so this morning I decided just to get out of the B&B and on the road. I didn’t even hang around for breakfast and just grabbed something from the supermarket in town to eat on the road.


My path today kept me mostly on B roads and off the A9. The sun was shining however there was no breeze so even though the temperature wasn’t massively high, it was very hot walking. I haven’t see many midges in Scotland, but today there was swarms of flies that surrounded me on a couple of sections today. There would be flies all around me and when I would look up & behind me I would see a hundred or more flies all flying around me within a couple of feet. The good thing was that they didn’t really land on me.


I stopped in the town of Tain for lunch and to have a look around. The photos below are of the main street, Tain tollbooth tower (the man on the mower in the thrid photo drove down the main street and parked outside the tower to have a chat while I was taking the photo) and Tain picture house which is under restoration. After looking around town I stopped at St Duthus Hotel for lunch and rehydration.





After lunch I had to re-join the A9 to cross the Firth Bridge (in the background of photo below), so it was back to walking on the small green verge/drain on the side. I was relieved to find a footpath once I was on the bridge.


There were some great views from the bridge over the Firth.




From the sign below, I am not sure whether there is a ferry or not.


After the sign, I got off the A9 and back on a B road for the remainder of my walk into Dornoch.


In Dornoch, I visited the Dornoch Cathedral and from the sign on the entry door, someone at the cathedral has a great sense of humour.


Dornoch was a very nice town to walk around. Photos are of Dornoch Castle and Dornoch Courthouse.




It was funny to see a building shared between The Dornoch Inn and the Dornoch MOT Centre. The bottom floor is shared between the pub and garage and the top floor is all the pub.



  1. Wow, you are putting in some big kms each day. Looks like the weather forecast was right and the sun is shining for you on this last leg. Love the photos!


    • Accommodation was booked months ago and so just need to do the km’s. Tomorrow is a short day at 19kms but it is all on the A road.
      Weather forecast is sunny for the remainder of my walk (I have been so lucky with weather on this trip)


  2. Another great day, what a way to see the country and countryside. It’s been an amazing journey and can’t believe you’ve almost reached your destination! Great way to spend your long service leave.


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